our principles

eFirst is an incubator for digital business models

Launch, don’t invent your figures.

You better model your business plan with real data rather than plain assumptions.

Launch, don’t overthink.

The minimum viable product is good enough to start, build the final solution once your business model is established.

Launch, don’t write specifications.

The live implementation is your reference. Focus on your operations and customers – anything else will change anyway.

Launch, don’t wait for perfection.

Release Management is the new Project Management – change is standard. Get used to it!

the way we work

Understand the needs.

Identify the true pain points of your customers and generate multiple ideas to address their needs.

Prototype the ideas.

Test a minimal solution prototype and select the idea with the most attractive traction.

Launch first products.

Develop the minimum viable product and sell the new product.

Progress based on real data.

Develop the product and it’s entity by number driven decisions.

what we offer

the way we are

We are different - and like it.

We do have an extensive skill set and years of experience – proven in tiny, small and large entities. We focus on a fast launch to learn and improve, not on perfection.




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